Importance of Six “M” in Construction


The construction industry is 2nd largest in our country next to agriculture. During the last decade, the industry has grown fast & taken a major role in building up the national economy. Today’s construction projects are more complex than the previous ones. They are facing economical, social, technological, political, risks at different stages of construction. Every developer has the aim to complete the project within the time schedule and budgeted cost. He has to maintain the quality of construction at every stage from starting up to end in order to satisfy his customer. This is really an acrobatic role he has to play. Risk increases as the volume of work increases. Challenges in from of civil engineers are also more than earlier. They have to work in a competitive field. All engineers, as well as people related to construction, should know the importance of Six M described below.

1. Manpower

Indian population is second china & almost reached to 135 crores. Even then we face major problems to get skilled manpower in our construction work. We have to train skilled people from unskilled ones. It requires the necessary training.

We must also ensure whether they are getting proper wages related to their work outputs. Importance must be given to their safety. They should be trained for good construction practices available in our industry. Engineers also must be trained for taking the best outputs from the available manpower as a resource.

2. Material

The construction industry involves a number of various materials. It includes cement, steel, bricks, blocks, doors, glass, tiles, plumbing, electrical, etc. Around 250 different ancillary industries are dependent on our construction industry. Millions of people are working in the material industry, which ultimately helps our main construction sector.

Time has come to implement some special attention while a selection of the construction material. Better to select and prefer eco-friendly material & use more to make construction sustainable. We should construct more green buildings in the future.

3. Machinery

Due to globalization different countries around the world have come closure than earlier. Day to day new machinery along with new technology is getting developed. In order to remain in this competitive world, we should adopt the latest technology as early as possible like other developed countries.

A shortage of manpower can be overcome with the use of various machinery at different stages of construction. We should be now familiar with concrete batching plant, Asphalt plants, Tower cranes, Small cranes, Vibrators, Compactors, Bricks or Block making machines, Water pumps, Diamond drilling machines, Concrete and asphalt pavers, JCB, Pocklain, Dumpers, Jackhammers, Rock breakers, Cube testing machines, Heavy & small rollers, Motor graders, Water tankers, Steel cutting & bending machines, Bulldozers, Laser machines, etc in today’s construction. This clearly indicates how we are turning towards mechanized construction work.

4. Money

Most of our construction projects require smaller to huge amounts of money. By doing necessary planning for money, we will be able to run & complete projects in a given time schedule.

Many projects suffer just because of insufficient funding. Mega construction projects are financed with the help of the government & private sectors. The new concept of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) has proven its success around the world and welcomed by our construction sector.

5. Maintenance

We have already seen how machinery is helpful in our construction. But many machines are with foreign technology. We should first understand & to get acquainted with its use. Maintenance of machinery plays a major role during construction. 

In order to complete projects in a given stipulated time, our machines should give their outputs maximum. Negligence in maintenance simply turns to the breakdown of machines, increasing construction costs. Engineers should take the challenge to construct a building that is durable after routine maintenance.

6. Management

Engineers should get management skills as well as basic knowledge of civil engineering. They should build themselves capable to accept various challenges involved in the construction industry proudly as well as willingly.

Understanding the value of Six M will help them creating civil engineering wonders of the future. Construction quality, as well as safety, related to the above six M.

Summery & Conclusion

All who related to the civil engineering field and want to begin their career should be familiar with the importance of six M in our construction. They are nothing but Manpower, Material, Machinery, Money, Maintenance & Management. They are all correlated with each other. To achieve our construction goals it now becomes absolute to understand the importance of every M of construction.

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