What is Alccofine? Its Application and Advantages

Alccofine is a new generation, micro-fine material of particle size much finer than other hydraulic materials like cement, fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), silica fume, etc. being manufactured in India.

Alccofine has special attributes to enhance the performance of concrete in the fresh stage & hardened stage because of its optimized particle size distribution. Alccofine can be utilized as a practical option for Silica as it has optimum particle size distribution not too finer, not too coarse. Alccofine is produced in completely controlled conditions with special types of equipment/instruments to manufacture optimized particle size distribution which is its unique property.

Types of Alccofine

  1. Alccofine 1101: With high calcium silicate
  2. Alccofine 1203: With low calcium silicate

Alccofine 1101: It’s an Alccofine with high calcium silicate. It’s a micro finer cementitious grouting material for rock anchoring and soil stabilization. The performance of Alccofine is the best overall admixture used in India because of its high calcium oxide (Cao) content.

Alccofine 1203: It’s an Alccofine with low calcium silicate. Alccofine 1200 series of 1201, 1202, and 1203 represent fine, micro-fine, and ultrafine particle sizes. Alccofine 1203 is a slag-based supplementary cementitious material (SCM) having ultra-fineness with optimized particle size distribution. Due to its ultra fineness of Alccofine 1203, it gives reduced water demand for given workability of concrete, even up to 70% substitution level as per requirement.

In the mix design of concrete of Alccofine 1203, the initial strength is found similar or increased to that of Silica as it triggers the primary reaction during hydration and Alccofine also consumes by-product calcium hydroxide from the hydration of cement from additional C-S-H gel which similar to Pozzolana. The computed blain value based on particle size distribution is approximately 1200 cm2/gm and is truly ultra fine.

Typical Properties

Average particle sizeMicrons4 to 6
Specific gravity2.86 ± 0.02
Bulk densityKg/m3600 to 700

 Fields of Application

  • RCC residential, commercial structures
  • Skyscraper or high-rise structures with challenging conditions to pump the concrete with ease
  • Temperature controlled mass concrete for raft foundation & pile foundations
  • Aluminum formwork or tunnel formwork with high flow or self-compacting concrete (SCC)
  • High-performance concrete (HPC) with significant low water to binder (w/b) ratio
  • Shotcrete with enhanced cohesion & faster initial strengthen gain
  • Precast concrete elements for tunnels, bridge, segmental construction, blocks, hollow core slabs, and commercial precast units
  • Post tension/prestressed concrete slab
  • Construction grouts, plasters, repair mortars
  • LEED/GREEN compliant structures    


  • Improves durability parameters of concrete by refined pore structures, reduces permeability
  • Enhance the resistance of concrete to aggressive environmental agents
  • Maintains the pH of the concrete mix to protect steel reinforcement
  • Improves pump ability of concrete
  • The enhanced slump of concrete and extended slump retention without increasing the dosage of the chemical admixture
  • Quicker removal of shuttering, quick rotation of forms in the precast industry
  • Improve the rate of strength obtained in concrete mixes with high pozzolanic material contents like fly ash, GGBS, etc.

Dispensing and Dosage

An estimated amount of Alccofine 1203 shall be added to the concrete mix along with cement & other pozzolanic powder materials. Mixing time shall be sufficient to facilitate the uniform inter dispersion of all powder materials in the concrete.

Dosage: 4%-8% by weight of total binder content as per the grade of concrete. For special-purpose concretes, dosage beyond the above-stated range can be used to achieve expected performance parameters.

Storage and Shelf life

Bags of Alccofine 1203 & 1101 must be stored in a well-ventilated and cool area, dry place and protected from moisture, rain, and heat. Under such storage conditions, the shelf life of the sealed product is a minimum of six months from the date of manufacture.

Health and Safety

PPE: Hand gloves, goggles, and a suitable respiratory mask shall be utilized.

Precautions: Avoid prolonged contact with skin and eyes. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately.

Hazard: Regarded as non-hazardous for transportation.

Disposal: Empty bags of Alccofine will not be reused & disposed of as per local rules & regulations.

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